LGAA's Legacy in the Community

There are a surprising number of community organizations, events and fundraisers that are a direct result of the Leadership Gainesville program and LGAA. The LGAA Community Relations Committee is in the process of compiling the list. If you know of an event or project that is not listed on this page, please email info@lgalum.com

LG & LGAA Dates:

  • 1974: First Leadership Gainesville class.  According to Dr. Larry Peppers, we have the 4th oldest "leadership" program in the country.
  • 1983: SIMSOC added to the curriculum (nope, we're not telling you what SIMSOC is.)
  • 1986: Medical shadowing added to curriculum
  • 1987: Teacher shadowing added to curriculum
  • 1987: Leadership Gainesville Alumni Association formed
  • 2010: LGAA launched a fully integrated website, www.lgalum.com, where members can sign up for events, manage their directory profile, renew their membership, post on our events blog, and read more about our organization and its history. 
  • 2015: Introduction of new Leadership Development Curriculum to Leadership Gainesville.

LGAA Past Presidents

 1991-1992  Pam Carpenter
 1992-1993  Paula Bowen
 1993-1994  Chuck Clemons
 1994-1995  Debby Knopf
 1995-1996  Emily Kinnard
 1996-1997  Terry Tougaw
 1997-1998  Sue Wagner
 1998-1999  Kent Walker
 1999-2000  Tim Deegan
 2000-2001  Mary Chambers
 2001-2002  Bill Evans
 2002-2003  Ken Babin
 2003-2004  Jeannene Mironack
 2004-2005  Larry Christian
 2005-2006  Liz Reyes
 2006-2007  Margaret Fields
 2007-2008  Kim Tesch-Vaught
 2008-2009  Terri Lowery
 2009-2010  Kim Mitrook
 2010-2011  Scott Costello
 2011-2012  Pete Zimek
 2012-2013  Brite Whitaker
 2013-2014  Lindsay Krieg
 2014-2015  Mason Alley
 2015-2016  Lesley Cox Banis
 2016-2017 Joe Lowry, Jr.
 2017-2018 Debby Knopf

We're compiling this list as well... please email us. Thanks!

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